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Inia Logan has spent the best part of the year across the Tasman but he is ready to do his best for the blue and gold next week.

Logan (19) will line up at No1 for Otago in the national interprovincial team tournament in Christchurch starting on Monday.

The tall left-hander has been working and playing in Australia for the past nine months as he looks to improve his game.

“I’m playing golf over there pretty much full-time and doing a bit of part-time work. With the weather over there you can play year round while back here that is harder to do,” he said.

“And over there you play against better golfers. An average field over there, you are looking at 250 golfers lining up while back here you might get about 100. So it is more competitive and that can only make your game better.”

Logan was based at the Emerald Lakes Golf Club on the Gold Coast, a course which has lights for golf to be played at night. He worked a bit at the course and also did a few odd jobs, staying with friends.

Logan went to Australia for six months last year and feels his game has improved considerably.

“The weakness has been my putting and I’ve been working bloody hard on it … just getting my set-up right and thinking about my technique and my mindset over the putt.

“That saying ‘you drive for show and putt for dough’ that really rings true. My putting stats have improved over the year so I want to keep that going in the right direction.”

Logan, who is now back in his home town of Cromwell, said being picked as the Otago No1 was a huge buzz for him and would put some pressure on his shoulders.

“I was stoked to be picked there … this is a big-time New Zealand team event and playing No1 you are playing some really good golfers.

“Playing No1 you’ve got a job to do there. I want to prove to the selectors they did the right thing in picking me as No1.

“I love matchplay. It is totally different to strokeplay. It is just you against your opponent.”

Despite only being 19, it will be the third time Logan has lined up in the national interprovincial event for Otago. He actually did not play last year after being selected as he was laid low by a combination of viruses and was in bed for a month.

Logan’s long-term goal is to turn professional and make a living from the game.

Next year he will  look at continuing to play amateur tournaments on both sides of the Tasman with an eye to turning professional in 2020.

“I’ve still got a bit of time. I’m only young so I just need to get more experience. Just play in more tournaments.”

Logan plays golf left-handed but is a right hander in most things he does.

“When I started I was handed a left-handed club and a right-handed club to try them both … I ended up liking the left-handed one and never went back.”


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