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The 2019 Eagles Intercollegiate tournament will be held at Cromwell Golf Club on Friday 15th of March.

The draw is published here:           eagles-2019-intercollegiate-draw

Tee 1

11.00am     Taylor Duff (TC)       Jack Kennelly (OB3)           Ben Johnson (DUNS)

11.09            Joe Ingram (KHS)      Hayden Mitchell (TC)    Jack McFarlane (OB3)

11.18             Jared Dixon (OB2)    Aiden Gordon (WHS2)    Daniel Torr (OB3)

11.27             Josh Hall (WHS2)       Lewis Harper (OB2)     Arthur Accorsi (KHS)

11.36            Jan Ebbinge (WHS2)    Willis McNaughton (OB2  Mat Johnson (DUNS)

Tee 10

 11.00am      Alex Wilson (OB2)     Jacob Murray (KHS)     Nico Cheifetz (WHS1)

11.09            Seb Kyle (OB1))       Luke Tuten (KHS)         Baxter Meder (JMC)

11.18             Tommy Wilson (OB1)   Danielle Bailey (WHS1)  Will McLauglan (JMC)

11.27             Joseph Hancock (OB1)   Liam Judkins (WHS1) Robbie Perry (JMC)

11.36        Parker Aluesi (OB1) Sumin Kang (WHS1) Hayden Robertson (TC)                                  Callum White (JMC)

Draw is subject to alteration, please check  – regularly

All players please register at least 20 minutes prior to tee time.                                      Enquiries /late entries to:   Ryan Rosevear,  Phone  027 695 8003.  email  [email protected]

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