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The draw for the Otago District final of the National Teams Championships, to be held at Alexandra GC on Monday 13th May is as follows:

National Teams Championship at Alexandra GC Monday May 13th 2019


No1 Tee

10.00 am         K Andrew & G Martin (Ar)                C Paterson & V Gamble (TL)

10.07                D Dagg & S Palmer (Ar)                     P Williams & D Fahey (TL)

10.14                M Hall & D Baddock (Man)               D Neilan & J Kane (Law)

10.21                M Helm & J Weir (Man)                    D Christiansen & K Roughan (Law)

No 3 Tee

10.00 am         L McRae & S Anderson (Wan)          J Good & L Rutherford (Tok)

10.07               Z Cleugh & M Wilson (Wan)             R Reid & D Kennedy (Tok)

No 5 Tee

10.00 am         J Blackman & M Bryant (Alx)            C Becker & V Ferguson (Om)

10.07                M Jarrold & A Meyer (Alx)                A McKinley & J Moran (Om)

No 8 Tee

10.00 am         L Smith & J Davis (Cl)                        P May & C Wignall (Dun)

10.07                L Chittock & A Townsend (Cl)           G Richards & W Lucas (Dun)

10.14                S Fuller & I Patterson (IP)                 L McDonald & J Kerr  (TO)

10.21                 R Harrex & D Chettleburgh (IP)       J Butcher & H McDonald (TO)

No 10 Tee

10.00am          C Chambers & J Livesey (StC)           S Allison & I Cushnie (Cr)

10.07                H West & S Kennelly (StC)                L Brent & J Mulholland (Cr)

10.14                 A Robertson & C Stuart (Tap)           M Reeve & R Ellison (Waik)

10.21                K Williams & J Chittock (Tap)           M Sloper & K Kelly (Waik)

No 14 Tee

10.00               J Calder & T Calder (Bal)                   H Hiscock & P Brensell (Rox)

10.07               C Oliver & C King (Bkn)                     M McCall & K Gard  (Bal)

10.14                P Jennings & J Turner  (Rox)            L Lobb & R Partridge (Bkn)

Players please report to office on arrival and to tees 10 minutes prior to play.

Enquiries to Val Braidwood  03 448 8541

Downloadable version published here:


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