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Queenstown golfer James Anstiss did not have a long time to soak up a top performance at the New Zealand Open yesterday.

Anstiss shot a 3-under 68 yesterday at Millbrook to finish on 8-under for the tournaments and a place in the top 25.

But chances of a home-town celebration went on ice, as he was set to catch a flight to Auckland last night and then jump on a flight to Mexico at 6am today.

Anstiss (24) has qualified for the Latin American tour and will play in nine tournaments over the next three months in and around Mexico.

He was pleased with his performance yesterday although he felt he left a few shots out there.

“I drove it pretty well over the last couple of days but probably did not quite take advantage as much as I could of in the positions I was in,” he said.

“I probably did not quite wedge it close enough. On this golf course if you want to do well you have to putt well.”

He is a member of The Hills but also often plays at Millbrook. He is set to play a tournament in Mexico at the end of this week.

The Latin American tour may not be on every player’s itinerary but it is a natural fit for Anstiss.

“The schedule just fits in with the Aussie stuff quite well. I just want to keep on playing. I want to look at playing 25 tournaments a year. So it will give me a good opportunity to play some more.”

He said the tour was a good pathway to the United States and its lucrative circuits.

His Spanish was terrible, he admitted, but he knew a few players on the tour and he was sure it would work out fine. He was really looking forward to it.

“I think the weather is supposed to be really good there for the next three or four months. So it is always good to chase the good weather.”

Anstiss attended Southeastern Louisiana University after leaving school.

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