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  • Top 15 (and ties) players in Strokeplay and the top 16 players in Matchplay events receive points.
  • There are 3 categories of points. Categories 1 & 2 are Strokeplay events, with category 1 being weighted higher than category 2. Category 3 is for the Matchplay event.
  • The top 6 points accumulated in a players season will be divided by 8 to find their final points for the year. If a player does not play 6 events, their points will still be divided by 8. Players can play more than 6 events but only their best 6 points will count towards their final year total.
  • The player will only receive points on their final official placing in the tournament. If a player that is not part of the OOM (player from another district) receives points, then those points are voided and are not given to players that are part of the OOM.


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