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2022 Criteria & Points Structure


The Otago Order of Merit (OOM) is a yearlong points table rewarding players performances in selected tournaments on the Golf Otago calendar. At the conclusion of the OOM, the leading players will be given funding to help with their future golfing endeavors.


How it works

  • The top 15 (and ties) players in stroke play and the top 16 players in match play events receive points.
  • There are two categories of points. Category 1 is stroke play; category 2 is match play.
  • The top 8 points accumulated in a player’s season will be divided by 8 to find their final points for the year. The players point will still be divided by 8 even if the player has not played 8 events.
  • Players can play more than 8 events. Only 8 events (best 8) will count towards end of year points.
  • The player receives points on the positioning against other Otago players in the event.


Criteria for player

  • Players must hold full playing privileges at a golf club in the Otago area.
  • Players must be available for Otago team selection and trial events.
  • Should any Order of Merit winner move out of the province or become unavailable to play for Otago after a development fund has been issued the balance of the unused fund will be retained by Golf Otago to use at their discretion (applies to 2021 Order of Merit development funds).


Failure to meet criteria will result in the player not receiving a prize at the conclusion of the OOM or points will be wiped clean, and the player taken out of the season long competition.

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